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Once was us Ch.1
"I wont ever leave you,even though you're always leaving me"
Audrey Niffenegger, The time traveler's wife.
It's been,how much time now? Like almost a year,maybe more. In the process of getting over him I took up smoking, a large range of sexual partners non of them lasting for more than a week and of course some drinking. I drank because I couldn't sleep and after three days of my body refusing to sleep I thought It couldn't hurt to try it. I drank for a month or so. I slept with men, only to wake up the next day in a foreign apartment under a man I couldn't stand to look at. I wasn't even staying for coffee or breakfast. In their eyes,I was trying to find someone's to look a little bit like his. This phase lasted for a quarter of a year. I worked and I was trying to forget. Finally after a year of working like a dog I managed to save up enough money to enroll at uni and move town.
"My name is Eleanor am 21 and a guy broke me"I said to myself mimicking an AA meeting.
I stood straight o
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Beads by fo148 Beads :iconfo148:fo148 0 0 On W.I.P. by fo148
Mature content
On W.I.P. :iconfo148:fo148 0 0
Not on paper (Chapter one)
No,no,no please not the alarm. I was sweaty and tangled under my heavy covers. I had a sheet and two duvets all wrapped around me .
*Ring *ring* ring *
"Shut up goddammit"
I grabbed my alarm and threw it over the nightstand. I heard it fall with a bang and roll over by the door of the closet.
I fell again in the warmth of my covers wrapping them all around me in a reverse burrito way.
I remembered it was Monday.
I don't like Mondays.
Mondays mean school and work and routine. I don't like it not one bit.
I am seventeen and in a year school will be over. I will miss my friends of course but It's a smal price to pay if it means total freedom.
"Blye,BLYE WAKE UP IT'S SCHOOL DAY". I heard mum yell as she knocked on my door.
"I heard you" I said under my breath
"I SAID WAKE UP"she yelled and opened my door all the way letting the cold from the hall barge into my room.
"MUUUUMM I SAI"she gave me thunder look and took the covers off my bed.
"It's your first day at school come on get up"
As she
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Hitachifriend by fo148 Hitachifriend :iconfo148:fo148 1 0 Left by fo148 Left :iconfo148:fo148 0 0 Fur in winter by fo148 Fur in winter :iconfo148:fo148 0 0 Feminismos by fo148 Feminismos :iconfo148:fo148 1 0 Virginity by fo148 Virginity :iconfo148:fo148 0 0 Punk or what?! by fo148 Punk or what?! :iconfo148:fo148 0 0
Bridge Agate -Chapter 4
They were lying in the inside of a ready to collapse wooden desk the innkeeper made for her to attract customers by showing her legs and ankles. Others didn’t have one so this gave her the advantage to attract more people in the hostel. In all honesty that didn’t help her at all. Her legs were skinny and her chest nearly flat her jaw was pointy and in conclusion she had a very young girls body. Elliana could see the circles of the burnt cigarettes she put off in the inside of it and tried to circle the stain with her fingertip.
She stayed there without trying to escape anymore, Elliana stayed there, in the inside of his arms smelling his skin. It was something like soil or sand. Hot and sturdy. She could hear even smell his blood running through the main vein in his arm.
It was a gift she had.
She could smell other people’s blood in the air through the pores like sweat.  Everyone gave out a different smell and it was a way to know who was where without looking ar
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Bridge Agate -Chapter 3
Blue...Elliana saw blue with some black in the middle. Was she drowning? Has sun turned black? She suddenly felt relaxed and even safe…
She closed her eyes and opened them up again. She saw a face; someone was holding her from the waist whilst she was on her knees.
-Ii… She murmured something. Feeling his hot skin on her back, his middle finger found its way under her shirt and he was touching her cold skin.
He was holding her full weight on his one hand and with the other hand he held her face up facing his blue eyes. His hand was strong around her waist.
His skin was golden brown and his eyebrows black and thick making his eyes pop.
-You were this close to crack your head open. He said in a dark deep voice.
“I was? And he saved me? Why would he do that? He seems out of town.”
She tried to stand up and he mimicked her. As she stood on her feet a big groan left her mouth and he grabbed him from the shirt dragging him down with her.
-I...I...hit my foot...
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Bridge Agate -Chapter 2
A city built on a bridge.
A deceiving love story.
Love,hate and an ultimate betrayal.
Gods and humans
Chapter 2 of Bridge Agate
Elli opened her eyes looking around her with her head and hair brushing the cold pavement. She took a deep breath, her nose and throat hurt and her eyes stung. Looking around trying to find some of the girls it was dark and the atmosphere was heavy, she moved her upper body in an upwards motion only to realize that her left feet was bruised causing her to moan. “That can't be good for work unless someone is into it.”She looked around “Fuck what happened, how long I was out?”
She investigated the absurdly quite street. “My throat hurts fumes”. There was nothing, no one was outside. Thrown baskets and carriages were dumped on the road. The fog mixed with ship fumes made it hard for her to see any much further. She cupped her ankle in an attempt to figure out what has happened .If it was only a scratch then everything wo
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:bulletpurple:Grab your coffee and enjoy the Gallery :coffeecup:


by Neoyume

OK i must say that i LOVE this picture. I like the fact that when you see it after some seconds you now is Lana del Rey but it doesn't ...

Firstly i have to say that this is an amazing picture. I feel like she is seeing into my soul. The lighting is amazing and the colours ...

WOW This is an amazing picture,very i must admit is very inspiring i love the fact that the sun is not the main subject (something that...



I am back.
I wanted to make another deviantart account cause i wanted to change my url but it didn't work out.

I HAVE NEW STUFF created and i will short out and clean my gallery.

  • so i do commision paintings as seen onmt gallery for 4-10euros,if interested contact my inbox (below)

I am open to art trades and collabs just contact me via inbox.



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