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The Star-Spangled Banner by Neoyume
by Neoyume

OK i must say that i LOVE this picture. I like the fact that when you see it after some seconds you now is Lana del Rey but it doesn't ...

Bohdana by NataliaCiobanu

Firstly i have to say that this is an amazing picture. I feel like she is seeing into my soul. The lighting is amazing and the colours ...

Sun rays and fire cloud by Shtefhan

WOW This is an amazing picture,very i must admit is very inspiring i love the fact that the sun is not the main subject (something that...



"I wont ever leave you,even though you're always leaving me"
Audrey Niffenegger, The time traveler's wife.

It's been,how much time now? Like almost a year,maybe more. In the process of getting over him I took up smoking, a large range of sexual partners non of them lasting for more than a week and of course some drinking. I drank because I couldn't sleep and after three days of my body refusing to sleep I thought It couldn't hurt to try it. I drank for a month or so. I slept with men, only to wake up the next day in a foreign apartment under a man I couldn't stand to look at. I wasn't even staying for coffee or breakfast. In their eyes,I was trying to find someone's to look a little bit like his. This phase lasted for a quarter of a year. I worked and I was trying to forget. Finally after a year of working like a dog I managed to save up enough money to enroll at uni and move town.

"My name is Eleanor am 21 and a guy broke me"I said to myself mimicking an AA meeting.
I stood straight on the bed frame looking out of the window. Today was the day.
Today I was finally a step closer. I had my first class.To  be honest I was scared because I would be the oldest person there or so I thought. Almost eight am ,it was time to get up. I threw the covers over myself and I run to the toilet.

Washing face/teeth -Check.
Brushing hair-Check.
Make up-Check.

I made a natural yet bright make up and put my hair on a ponytail. My hair danced on my back as a moved it around. I was proud of their silky smooth texture.

I hope Jace isn't late.

Jace is my next building neighbor. She is six years older and she owns a small but cute coffee shop in town. Every morning she passes by my uni and thought I could tag along,that way I don't have to take a taxi everyday or a bus.

She is actually pretty cute and her partner Oli whom i've only seen two times in my life looks cute and sweet. Oli is one year older and a few pounds heavier than Jace but since Jace is straw thin he looks more heavy than he actually is. He works as a manager at the bank or something else I didn't understand nor I believe Jace ever did.

I made myself a bagel to go and put in some pesto,tomato and cheese and I made one with ham and cheese for Jace.
My phone vibrated on the counter flashing a pic of Jace smiling.
"Am down."
"Perfect,on my way." I said looking at my watch.

I grabbed my keys and put some rose lipstick on.
My converse made a loud thumb as I almost run out of the building. I was excited.
"Jace!" I screamed at her as she went on the drivers seat.
She look at me wide eyed
"You startled me"She said as she huged me and took her lunch of my hand
"Sorry."I was still smiling
"Thank you for that."she said lifting the agel" Are you excited for your first day?"She used the mirror inside the car to put on some make up.
"Oh my god yes,i hope I find some people my age to hung out with."
"Am sure you will." was all she said and put on the radio.

The uni was not a big or stunning architecture building. Normal sized i'd say.It gave an eerie feeling of success.

"Thank you Jace. Have a lovely day."
"I wont."she said pouting
"Why what happened?" I said as i put one leg out of the car
"Oli decided it would be a good day to have people over today."
"Oh am sorry. Do you want me to come over and help you cook?I know you stay to work until noon an-"
Her face light up,she grabbed both my hands
"Really?That would be great. I don't have to get off work early anf cook.Great.Oh Thank you"
She kept talking and smiling. She talks so fast sometimes I can't even make out words.
"Here take my keys. I have money on the duck thing, you know where it is. If you need anything don't hesitate to buy it.You are the best "
I was speechless.
"It's my pleasure."
I mean, it is the least at can do. She drives me almost everywhere.

Grabbing my bag and kissing her goodbye I made a move for the huge door.
"Thank you! " She yelled as she drove away
A few people are sitting on the grass in front of the building. I wish I could too but u didn't have anyone to sit with. Today is a lovely sunny day with a hint of fresh air. I shivered.
I could get used to this
I felt my bum for my cellphone. The most horrifying letters pop on screen

Low battery connect charger.
Aaaand it shut down.

My classes were in there and now I have no idea where to go. I remember something like C20-something. Which means second floor C-something class. I went up the stairs,sweating form anxiety.Am so stupid.
Why did I forget to charge it. What was more important than charging my phone yesterday. Yeah probably eating my weight in pizza.When I was anxious about something I threw myself at junk food.

Class C209

Looks good,i will step in here what's the worst that an happen. The first two rows are empty and I am positive  i forgot my glasses at home. I mentally slapped myself.
Second row it is then.
Some time passed, I was doodling on my pad as the heavy door closed. I shot straight looking at the door as I was forced to stop my daydream.

A semi tall man,thin and blond walked in. He was wearing a gray shirt with sleeves rolled up and he had his left hand in the pocket of his suit. His eyes light blue looking at my direction. I swallowed holding my pen a bit too hard. Not bad for a professor. Not bad at all.
He gave me a shadow smile and walked towards his desk. I flushed red
"My name is Nathaniel Carrington. Welcome everyone."
He rest his hands on the desk leaning lightly. Although he wasn't looking at me anymore I from the other hand couldn't get my eyes off of his.
"Today we are going to do a review of the Math I you did last year with prof Alles."
Wait what?
He stopped and looked at me.
Did I spoke out loud?
He stood away from the desk and moved towards me.
"Is there a problem miss.?"
I was too embarased to talk. I felt everyone looking at me.
" really...sorry "
"Me too, it's sad you can't form a sentence."He said looking at the ceiling.
"Am sorry mr Carrington am an English major an-
"You don't look like it."
"I beg your pardon?"
All the shyness evaporated. What does that mean?
"I thought English majors could speak and write fluently. Aparently not." He walk towards the desk again obviously putting an end to this debacle."This is Math II you don't look smart enough to be here."He spoke again
He whole class laughed.
"Oh fuck you." I said before thinking about it. He looked straight at me making a fast move towards me.
"Get out ."He said with a calm voice.
His face was angry and his eyes dark with rage.
Shit ,play it cool.
I grabbed my bag put everything In it and walked casually to the door. He didn't speak just looked at me. I kept my breathing in .
As i open the door an exhale left my chest and as it closed behind me I sunk to the floor with my back on the wall.
Day one couldn't get any worse.

Then the door opened up behind me.
Please if you enjoyed give me a follow or a comment or a vote it means a lot.Hope you liked it, more to come!!!
Once was us Ch.1
*A love story about two people.

She loved him he left her without warning.

She was to live with the consequences and after a year she still can't forget him.

What wil happen when a mysterious young man comes her way. Who will she choose?
I am back.
I wanted to make another deviantart account cause i wanted to change my url but it didn't work out.

I HAVE NEW STUFF created and i will short out and clean my gallery.

  • so i do commision paintings as seen onmt gallery for 4-10euros,if interested contact my inbox (below)

I am open to art trades and collabs just contact me via inbox.



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