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The Star-Spangled Banner by Neoyume
by Neoyume

OK i must say that i LOVE this picture. I like the fact that when you see it after some seconds you now is Lana del Rey but it doesn't ...

Bohdana by NataliaCiobanu

Firstly i have to say that this is an amazing picture. I feel like she is seeing into my soul. The lighting is amazing and the colours ...

Sun rays and fire cloud by Shtefhan

WOW This is an amazing picture,very i must admit is very inspiring i love the fact that the sun is not the main subject (something that...



No,no,no please not the alarm. I was sweaty and tangled under my heavy covers. I had a sheet and two duvets all wrapped around me .

*Ring *ring* ring *

"Shut up goddammit"

I grabbed my alarm and threw it over the nightstand. I heard it fall with a bang and roll over by the door of the closet.

I fell again in the warmth of my covers wrapping them all around me in a reverse burrito way.

I remembered it was Monday.

I don't like Mondays.

Mondays mean school and work and routine. I don't like it not one bit.

I am seventeen and in a year school will be over. I will miss my friends of course but It's a smal price to pay if it means total freedom.

"Blye,BLYE WAKE UP IT'S SCHOOL DAY". I heard mum yell as she knocked on my door.

"I heard you" I said under my breath

"I SAID WAKE UP"she yelled and opened my door all the way letting the cold from the hall barge into my room.

"MUUUUMM I SAI"she gave me thunder look and took the covers off my bed.

"It's your first day at school come on get up"

As she said it tears almost filled my eyes.

"Mun I don't want to go" I said covering my legs with my pj shirt.

"Yes you do. Come on baby get up. Your brother already left"

"Pffff he is a geek"

"BLYE don't talk like that about your brother"

"Sorry mum"

I said and I really felt bad for they way I talked about my brother. He has a tentacy to enjoy math and science and It really annoys me. I might be jealous of him cause I always get below average to those classes. He once tried to help me with the chem homework and we ended up not talking for five days.

"Go brush your teeth and come down I packed you snacks"

"Thanks mum"

I moved quickly to the bathroom barefoot which was a bad choice cause the floors were as cold as ice.

I washed my face and wore day cream. I looked in the mirror. My hair were thin and straight fallin on my back. I should have washed them yesterday. My eyes were tired and I had visible dark circles. I stuck my tongue to my reflection trying to forget the state of it.

I went to the closet and wore a woolen long shirt with leggings and my creme converse.

"Mum I can't find my bag. Have you seen it?Am late"

I yelled as I entered the kitchen. She pointed over the living room. I smiled at her grabbed my homemade snacks and school bag and run out the door.

"Thanks mum have fun at work." and closed the door behind me.

I almost run to the bus stop looking over at the sky. It was gray moody and I didn't have an umbrella with me .I cursed and run a bit faster with my messenger bag hitting me hard on my thigh.

After a few minutes I saw the bus stop. There were a few people waiting and I recognised a girl from my English class. She was all dolled up wearing a mini dress with wedges. Did she saw the weather broadcast before leaving her house? She looked shiverish, no wonder...

I looked up the street,there was no sign of the bus. I had a little time to check on my blog. I usually do that before getting out of bed but today I didn't have time for that, I was late as it is.

I checked my queue and followers and I saw a message. God home it's from him. I mentally prayed a little before hitting the envelope icon. It was a tumblrbot message. He hadn't send me a message for two days. I frowned and I typed his url to make sure he was still following me. He was. His inbox is probably full with other messages and mine he might missed. Should I send him again?

A smack on my head made me jump and almost throw my phone on a small pond of water on the pavement.

"Blye! Hey whachta doin here?"It was Sam

"Fuck you Sam , I almost drown my phone"I said smiling.

She was a cute girl with a loud mouth and the cutest rounded face. Her skin was warm and her cheeks always crimson was nothing like me. I was curvy and pale with hollows on my cheeks and under eye circles.

"I missed you Blye."She said hugging me

"We skyped almost every other day."I said still smiling.

"Aw I know but come on it's not the same."She pinched my cheek.

"Yeah it isn't."I said looking over her head.

"So how was your summer?"

"Aw come on you already know. Were is Ali?"

"Pff I don't know. Somewhere with her new car"

"She got a car?" I was utterly surprised. She always talked about getting a car but I didn't even know she took the drivers test.

"I didn't even know she took the test.." I said a little hurt. They forgot to mention important stuff to me.

"Really?I think she had mention it once or twice."

I shock my head.

It wasn't a big deal and I was happy for her but I don't like feeling left out.

"The bus is here and I think it might rain."I said pointing at the sky.

We went on the bus and found a sit neat the window. A few dropes hit the window.

Sam smiled and I nudged her her on the side.

~Thank you for reading hope you've enjoyed it a bit. Please comment,vote,follow etc etc xxx
Hitachifriend by fo148
insta @ fo148

This is a vibrator for the ones who dont kno
Feminismos by fo148
insta @ fo148

Don't you dare get offend by that. It's HUMOR . 

I am back.
I wanted to make another deviantart account cause i wanted to change my url but it didn't work out.

I HAVE NEW STUFF created and i will short out and clean my gallery.

  • Also i do commision paintings as seen onmt gallery for 4-10euros,if interested contact me on my email or inbox (below)

I am open to art trades and collabs just contact me via email.


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